Warranty Policy:

Silver’s North America’s products sold on or after January 1st, 2023,  are now covered by an industry leading 5 year limited* warranty.

For a period of 5 Years, Silver's will cover Hard Parts on the coilovers. Hard Parts are defined as: Upper and Lower Mounts, Top Hats, Camber Plates, Collars, Spring Seats, Spring Perches, and Hardware.

For a period of 2 Years, Silver's will cover Consumable Parts on the coilovers. Consumable Parts are defined as: Pillow Balls, Radial Bearings, Shocks, and Springs. 

Warranty is only valid to original purchaser and is non-transferable. Warranty begins from the original purchase date. Must provide proof of purchase to qualify for warranty claim.

This warranty covers the physical performance of the following: Mounts, Shock Bodies, Seals, Shafts, Fluids and leaking shocks. This warranty is limited to the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Silver’s North America only upholds warranty of its products to the original retail purchaser against defects in workmanship and material.

This warranty can be void due to ANY of the following:

  • Products were not professionally installed.
  • Products show signs of improper installation, abuse, or damage due to collision or neglect.
  • Products have been modified or altered from their original design and intention.
  • Products that show corrosion, accelerated wear, or damage due to absent or improper preventative steps.
  • Products being used for an application in which they were not designed or advertised.
  • Products were not purchased from an authorized Silver’s North America dealer.
  • Products were sold in violation of our MAP policy. 

If a product has been found (at Silver’s North America’s discretion) to have failed, the sole item or items will be replaced at no charge (subject to shipping charges) to the customer under warranty.

If Silver’s North America can determine the failure without reasonable doubt, through detailed communication with the original purchaser via email, phone call, video recording, audio recording, or photo then no product will need to be returned.

If Silver’s North America deems the product be sent in for inspection to properly determine failure, the customer must do so to fulfill the warranty claim. Shipping will at that time be covered by Silver’s North America via a return label. Upon conclusion of inspection by Silver’s North America, if the part or parts are found to have failed or show fatigue not pertaining to the above mentioned bullet points, failed parts will be replaced and shipping will be covered under warranty. If no failure is found, or failure is caused by the above mentioned bullet points, the customer will be responsible for shipping charges to, and from Silver’s North America as well as replacement part costs.


  • Cancellations are no charge for standard kits.
  • Custom orders are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations become returns if the order has shipped. See below for return policy.

Returns Policy:

Silver’s North America stands behind the quality, fit, and finish of its products. If for any reason there is a concern with fitment or a suspected defect with the product you MUST contact Silver’s North America immediately before any attempt at installation or modification. If any item is damaged, modified, or shows neglect during installation it will not be eligible for return.

Claims for missing or damaged goods must be made within 7 days after receipt.

ALL Returns must be authorized by Silver’s North America. Any unauthorized return will be denied and returned to sender at the customers expense.

Silver’s North America has a 30-day returns policy on all coilover kits.

  • Silver’s North America must be contacted for approval of return, RMA form must be provided prior to, and included with any return shipment.
  • All items must be brand new and in original packaging to be eligible for return.
  • Upon receipt of an authorized return, any components Silver’s North America find that show signs of installation, damage, tampering, or missing will be subtracted at retail value from total refund at Silver’s North America’s discretion.
  • Returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee, Custom orders with rates within 4k of default rates are eligible for return but will be subject to a 25% restocking fee, Custom order with rates higher than 4k difference in rate of the default kit are ineligible for return.
  • All returns must have a Return Merchandise Authorization form included in the package, which will be provided by Silver’s North America or it’s Authorized dealers.
  • Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. A return label will be supplied for all returns, and shipping charges will be subtracted from total refund.