Frequently Asked Questions

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Custom Spring Rates - Our default spring rates aim for a "sporty" yet comfortable ride that offers the best aspects of a coilover system, without the harsh ride typically associated with their use. We carry standard Silver's springs up to 20k rates, and Swift springs up to 50k rates. Some kits use custom application specific springs than can not be swapped out. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Super Low Kit - The Super Low Kit is a modified kit that uses a combination of shorter shocks, shorter springs, or both to achieve a lower overall ride height. In general our standard kits aim for 2.5-3 inches of drop from factory, while Super Low kits aim for 4.5-5 inches of drop. The trade off is less available suspension travel, potentially stiffer ride, and at max height it will be around 1-1.5 inches under factory height. While most kits can be modified into a Super Low version, there are a few exceptions, please inquire to make sure.

Swift Spring Upgrade - The Swift Spring Upgrade will swap out our standard, included Silver's springs, for premium Swift springs. While the standard springs do a great job all around and have a smooth ride and long lifespan, Swift's offer an upgrade in every category with no downsides. They are lighter in weight, offer more travel for a given spring length, less sag/breakdown over time, more linear throughout their stroke, and most importantly offer a more compliant and smooth ride quality. They are available in many lengths and rates to make the perfect setup for your needs, and also look pretty nifty! If no custom rates are selected, Swift springs in the default spring rates will be used. 

Rear Extender Upgrade - The Rear Extender Upgrade is a 10 inch long cable extension that attaches to the top of the shock's damping adjustment knob on certain applications. This allows you to route the adjustments to an easier to reach location inside your trunk or hatch area. Typically requires drilling a 1/4 inch hole through any interior body panels. Rule of thumb is if you can see or reach the top of your factory rear shocks/struts they are not necessary. Some applications use special adjusters to mitigate the need for rear extenders, if you have any questions on your application, please reach out!

Spring Preload - Standard spring kits will ship with 0 preload, it is recommended to install and drive the kit for a few hundred miles to settle and break in the suspension, then set preload to 3 to 5mm. Swift Spring upgraded kits will ship with preload pre-set as they will have next to no sag or break-in period. 


For preload instructions on spring on shock, or "True" coilover systems, please see the video below. 

For "Divorced" or separate shock and spring setups, please see the video below.

This illustration is for reference purposes only. Your kit may not use a 200mm spring, but the principle is the same. 180mm spring would be preloaded to 176mm, 150mm spring preloaded to 146mm etc. Some kits and setups may benefit from more than 3-5mm of preload, but for 99% of setups this will give you the best balance of noise suppression and ride quality.