Our race proven NEOMAX 2-Way kits offer 24 clicks of independent rebound via the top of the shock and 40 clicks of compression adjustment via the external reservoir. Being able to adjust rebound and compression independently allows you to fine tune your vehicle over harsh bumps that may be unsettling the car, but you can also fine tune the dive and pitch of the car to help improve turn-in and exiting behavior on the track.


Our 2-Way kits use large extrenal reservoirs, which allow for higher oil capacity which aids in cooling and keeps the shock performing at hig ambient temperatures while being put through the paces on track. The large reservoirs also allow for a higher volume of nitrogen which in turn requires less overall pressure for the shock to perform as it should. This helps with extended stroke situations such as rumble strips or sudden drops with a tire dropping off track.


Included standard all on applicable kits, our Radial Bearings are made from T6 6061 Aluminum using the best Koyo Japan bearings our Radial Bearing upper perch (McPherson applications only) allows the springs to twist freely as they are compressed. As a spring compresses it may twist slightly which can produce a small noise as if the springs are binding. The same noise also occurs on mcpherson applications when the wheel is turned and the spring binds. Radial bearing upper perches will allow the piston shaft and tophat to rotate seperately from the spring and shock body allowing for a smotther and quieter rotation.


Our camber plates are made from T6 6061 Aluminum and are protected by an anodized finish. They come standard on the front of any McPherson style strut application and are designed to offer up to 3 degree’s of camber adjustment at any ride height to dial in your aligment.


Our pillowball mounts are comprised of two main parts: A SUJ2 Steel bearing, and a Chromoly Steel 2 piece case. Pillowball mounts  provide bind free operation and precise feedback to the driver.


Our shock bodies are made from ultra high strength JIS G3445-STKM13C(DIN2393-ST44-2) carbon steel and are electroless nickel  plated for resistence to corrosion and fatigue in harsh climates.


We use a 44mm Linear type piston with Digressive valving in our shocks. This hybrid style piston gives both excellent track benefits as well as maintains an excellent ride quality. Every single shock is handle assembled, and dyno tested to insure dampening and compression valving is within 5% variation from side to side. There is no random inspection or tests, every single shock is dyno tested. In the event the shock fails, the internals are discarded and it goes back to the assembly room.


We use the largest diameter necessary hardened steel with chrome plating for our piston shafts. With extensive research and development we have the perfect material and diameter needed to have the proper strength necessary to retain lateral rigidity and not bend or bind under heavy loads, which leads to pre-mature wear and lowering piston travel. Making it the perfect combination of strength and weight savings.


Our locking collars have a specific unique design compared to the other brands on the market. They perform the same as any other locking collar, though with the lower spring perch having dimples instead of slots you do not have to worry about the top spanner wrench slipping and sliding up or down the perch when making necessary adjustments. This make adjusting the preload much less of a balancing act, leading to quicker and easier installation.

Optional Upgrades


Our default spring rates aim for a "sporty" yet comfortable ride that offers the best aspects of a coilover system, without the harsh ride typically associated with their use. We carry standard Silver's springs up to 20k rates, and Swift springs up to 50k rates. 

When selecting custom rates, we do not simply swap springs on a standard shock and call it a day. Your kit will have the shocks valved to match the requested rates. If you are unsure about spring rate selecting, contact us and we will be happy to assist.


The Super Low Kit is a modified kit that uses a combination of shorter shocks, shorter springs, or both to achieve a lower overall ride height. In general our standard kits aim for 2.5-3 inches of drop from factory, while Super Low aims for 4.5-5 inches of drop. The trade off is less available travel, potentially stiffer ride, and at max height it will be around 1-1.5 inches under factory height. While most kits can be modified into a Super Low version, there are a few exceptions, please inquire to make sure.


The Swift Spring Upgrade will swap out our standard, included Silver's springs, for premium Swift springs. While the standard springs do a great job all around and have a smooth ride and long lifespan, Swift's offer an upgrade in every category with no downsides. They are lighter in weight, offer more travel for a given spring length, less sag/breakdown over time, more linear throughout their stroke, and available in many lengths and rates to make the perfect setup. They also look pretty nifty! If no custom rates are selected, Swift springs in the default spring rates will be used.


Certain vehicles require some interior panels to be removed in order to reach the dampening adjusters. The dampening adjuster extensions can be used to relocate the adjustment know to a easily reachable location for those quick on the fly adjustments.


Extensive Testing, Superior Knowledge